Arthur the giraffe is a high school teacher with a bit of a temper. He always says to his students “I would’ve rather been a guitarist doing world tours instead of teaching you morons…”. And he actually means it.. ;D


Bearold the bear is the successful one in the gang. He has worked his way up to be the person everyone is looking up to. Most of the days, he’s satisfied, but not happy. If there is a moment when he is happy, it would be when he’s playing the saxophone. 


Flaming the flamingo is a very kind, warm-hearted therapist who sometimes sings for her patients for therapeutic (?!?) purposes 😉. Her patients praise her beautiful singing voice and say something which always makes her daydream: “You could’ve been an amazing singer!”


Gorge the gorilla is not much of a talker. He is a bit of mysterious figure, since no one knows what he does for a living… But one thing’s for sure, he LOVES foot-tapping and HITTING stuff (with sticks) to the ROCKY rhythm…

  • One day, these 4 friends decided that they’ve had enough:

“How are we supposed to handle our love for music? Seriously!”
“We should follow our own path”
“We could be just like OUR ROCKSTARS!”…

  • Finally, they got all set with a sax, a guitar, a drum set, and OF COURSE IN THE OUTFIT of THE DREAM MUSICIANS they admire, JUST BECAUSE THEY CAN 😎 Now, they are ready to go on a long journey and take on the whole world with their music.
  • What do you think the journey is gonna be like? 😉

Once upon a cold day, we gathered for a steaming cup of coffee… We talked about how we could support undiscovered music talent out there, as friends with love for music do. And then BOOM! An idea right there!
Several of us have already dealt with NFTs. So…
“Why not kill two birds with one stone? ”